Friday, May 20, 2011

family pics at Em's party

-My mom and Em playing with her new polly pockets

-me (in a rare picture) and Em

Christy, Lucy, Becky

-Kev, Teri, Trev, Em, Craig, Hope and Lainey

-Trying to get a picture with my parents, grandma and all the grandkids is quite challenging at this point!! Usually you can get one or two of the 5 to actually look at you!!! And usually one or more is trying to escape or crying!!! I'm glad we celebrate birthdays in our family. We don't go over the top but birthdays have always been a big deal in our family and we always get together for presents, cake and ice cream and a few pictures!!! I think it's cool that the kids have a great-grandma that is so involved in their lives. Not many kids can say that! Not many 32 year olds can say they have a grandma that attends so many family functions!!

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