Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Halloween Party

We had a great turn out for our Halloween party. We had so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up. We had treats and games and songs and let the kids play. Our little group of friend is growing, everyone has 3-4 kids now (except us). They range in age from 7 down to 4 months old.
Group picture-Standing up= Julie holding Lainey, Melanie holding Annie, Christy holding Lucy, Bri,
sitting=Jeff holding Jane, Anna, Sophie, Sam, Dax, Toby and Clara.
Believe it or not there was at least 5 kids that weren't in the picture!!! I couldn't get them all in one spot long enough!!
By the couch= Ang holding Kyrie, Bri holding one of the twins, and Macy
We have this party with my best, longest group of friends!! It's so much fun getting together with their families!!!

My parent stopped by before the party to see Em in her costume. She kept switching costumes, for some parties she was the witch, for her school party she was a princess.

-Jason and Lucy
-Teri, Brit, and grandma
-Dad, Christy, Em, Trevor and Kev and Barry
-Lainey and Lucy on their blessing day

They combined Lainey and Lucy's blessing and had Trevor's birthday party at the same time. The kids had fun playing with his new toys.

Gardner Village

Em, Dax and Addy take a look at the witch in the boat at Gardner Village.
The weather was great and we had tons of fun seeing all the witch displays.

Dax and Em are just 3 months apart and get along great. They heard music over the speakers and they broke out dancing!! I love how free they are at 4!! The want to dance or sing they just let loose, they don't care what other people think about it!!!

Jas moved our dirt mountain while me and Ray back filled the garage, Stanley played with Em, and Neil helped clean up the sideyard!!
We never could of done it without their help! Now we have a flat backyard again and we have grass planted in half of the dirt area!! It's progress!

-Christy's cute new hair do
-my mom holding one of the twins and Kev
-Trevor playing with my dad
-Me holding one of the twins and grandma

The Zoo

We love to go to the zoo. We went for the fall harvest activity. It was still really nice weather at the beginning of Oct. Jas met us there after work. We got to see the tigers play in the water!