Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cave Falls Fishing

Em was a big fan of the fish! She liked to hold them and pet them!! It is so fun to fish in this river, we always have good luck here and you can't top the scenery. You just wade in and reel 'em in!

-Jason and Dave playing ladder golf in camp.
-The view from right outside our tent. It's so calming to sleep to the sound of the river.
-It's so gorgeous up there and so relaxing. It's so nice to catch up with Janet and Dave too.

Cave Falls

-A perfect shot of Jas reeling in a fish.
-Jas is fishing while Dave checks out the scenery on a rock
-Janet wades in to reel some in!
-Janet and Dave in the background, Jason working with Emmy and her pole.

Janet and Dave down at the fishing hole

Monday, August 16, 2010

More from the DeHart Reunion

-Emily, Emma and Hunter finding a good spot for the movie
-Em, in the tube hanging out=Kiki and Carley
-The last 3 living DeHart brothers: Uncle Dale, Uncle Ray, and Grandpa

Playing in the river starts at a young age at the reunion, Emma, Faith and Emily are trying it out!

A bunch of the boys and their marshmallow guns were waiting for Richard to get out of the bathroom!
-Angie and Janice playing horseshoes
-Paige and Brinkley at the craft tables
-Emily and Teri, Em is proudly showing off her artwork for the coloring contest

The kids sat listening to Angie teach them how to go on a bear hunt.

The DeHart Reunion

The annual DeHart reunion-
We had a "bear hunt" for the kids, crafts, horseshoes, tubing in the river, an auction, a movie at dusk, a coloring contest, an awesome dinner, and lots of talking around the fire. Did I mention I won the horseshoe competition? Of course that's with a lot of thanks to my partner, Rickey! Janice, Gaylene and Fez (and families) did a great job putting everything together!! I don't know how we will compete next year! Everything was sooo much fun and it was so good to catch up with everyone!
The matching shirts were a big success!! The Larry DeHart family had red shirts, the Curly DeHart family had yellow, the Ray DeHart family had green, and Uncle Dale had blue. It was fun to see where everyone belonged! I got a 4 generation picture with my grandpa, mom, me and Em in our matching shirts. The new spot was awesome too, we had tons of room for parking, tents, and it was right next to the river!