Friday, November 25, 2011

We went and picked out our Christmas tree today at a tree farm. We went there last year and thought it was fun so we decided to try it again this year. We finally decided a pine tree with some character!! Some of the trees they have are soooo huge, like our last year's tree. It took up half the living room. We tried to pick one that wasn't quite so full this time! They give you a handsaw and let you cut your own tree down. Em was so excited to help cut the tree down. Then we strapped it to the top of the truck and headed home!! Now we just have to find the stand and get it in here!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a......

Well, we had our ultra sound today. It was awesome looking at all the pictures. It's amazing that you can see and hear the heartbeat, see the spinal cord, internal organs, little fingers and toes and the brain. It really amazes me that they can capture that much detail on the screen!! We brought Em with us and she thought the black areas were the babies long hair, ha ha. So she was convinced it was a girl, well, she's right!! Another girl is coming our way. Jas is going to be so out numbered!! He really thought it was a girl, for weeks now he's been telling me it's a girl!! We are excited. At least I have some practice with a girl!!! Not to mention all the girl toys and pink things we have that can be passed down to the baby!! Em's really glad she's getting a sister. She wasn't so big on the idea of a brother!! So now the real fun begins, picking a name we all agree on!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jas and Em made me a birthay cake complete with the black over the hill tombstone candle!!!! Mom had all of us over for my birthday dinner.

We had mom's birthday dinner at Christy's house. Sep. birthdays are the best!! ha ha


We all went to Lagoon for my mom's work Lagoon day. It was fun! Even though I couldn't ride everything it was so fun watching the kids go on all the rides. It was their first time at an amusement park! They had so much fun and they were so brave. It was cute watching the 3 oldest ones cram into rides together!!

Trevor, Em and Kev on the kid rides! We all had so much fun!!! Em is still talking about "magoon" and wants to know when we are going back!!