Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hovenweep and 4 corners

Picture#1- The towers, built right on the rocks and the shape traces the shape of the rock perfectly! Talk about creativity!
picture #2-Becky, Emily and Teri at Hovenweep. There were many ruins on the rim of the canyon and many right below the rim.
picture #3- Jason in 4 corners. The only spot in the U.S. common to 4 states!!
Picture#4-Aztec ruins, this is a rebuilt kiva. It was nice and cool in there.

Chaco Canyon

Picture #1- Jason in one of the main ruins.
#2- Em playing in the dirt, as long as there was dirt and sand she was a happy camper
#3-Jason looking through an old door way through to the next wall
#4-Mom and Em in Pueblo Bonito
#5-Em in Pueblo Bonito. You can see 4 doorways from where I was and there was more behind me. I find this to be one of the most impressive features in the indian ruins.

Chaco Canyon

Pictures 1 and 3- Becky standing in Pueblo Bonito. It's an amazing village that has a lot of kiva's, a plaza, and many remaining walls of the living areas. You can walk through some of them and see door after door after door. It's really amazing how the Indians lived like this! It would of been one crazy apartment complex, with no electricity!!

Picture #2- Jason, Emily, Mom, Dad in Pueblo Bonito
Picture #4- A Great Kiva, called Casa Rincanada. It's impressive how large it is and how perfectly round it is. The kiva's entrance lines up with true north.
Picture#5- A tower on the mesa top. Em is riding on Jason's shoulder's. She was a good little hiker but it was really hot so we tried to give her some breaks!

Mesa Verde

At Mesa Verde there are dwellings on the mesa top, above, and in the alcoves of cliffs, like in the lower 3 pictures.

The first part of our vacation we saw Newspaper Rock, near Canyonlands, and the Needles overlook.
Then we headed to Mesa Verde National Park (top 2 pictures) and saw a lot of cliff dwellings.