Monday, October 19, 2009

Gardner Village

Emily, Kevin, and Trevor with the witches at Gardner Village. They looked so cute in their Halloween shirts that my mom gave them! They were sick of posing for pictures in front of every display!! It was a beautiful fall day! After we saw the witches we headed to the wild west park for a picnic.

Gardner Village

Em and me went with Christy, Trevor, Kevin, Lindy, Isabel, and their baby to Gardner Village to see the display of witches. The kids really liked it. They all wore there light up Halloween shirts that grandma gave them!

Playing at the park

On Trevor's 1st birthday we went to the park! What a beautiful day! The kids had a blast trying to serve dinner with their woodchips and climbing up the slide from the bottom!

Trevor's b-day party!

Trevor is one now!!! He got a ball pit for his birthday, which he loved. All 3 kids loved it! Trevor climbed right in and laughed the whole time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The garage roof demo

The pitched roof and the tar and gravel roof that they are walking on is gone!! Now it's all open to the sky!! We filled the whole dumpster up from all the stuff! Jason's friends helped us a ton!!

The Remodel

The foundation getting poured was a lot of work! Now that's done! Whew, it was just my dad, Jason and me doing the foundation. Damon helped us with the footings! That's a lot of work!

Our Remodel

#1- The dirt pile in the backyarrd!
#2-My dad checking out the footings
#3-The open ended "garage" now the roof is gone too!!
#4-If you want to get from the back door to the backyard you have to walk the plank!
#5-Penny and Emily on the dirt pile!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Utah State Fair

Em got a shaker ballon from the clown, she posed as a mountain goat and rode on the cute little pony!!

Utah State Fair

Em got a ride on a pony!! She loved it! There were some baby piglets there! Em loved looking at the animals!

MIrror Lake

Mirror Lake

Em loves climbing on the trees. Jason was showing us the explorer pose at Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake

Over Labor day we went to the Uintahs and went fishing. Sonya, William and Will and Stanley joined us for part of the time. We fished at Mirror and Teapot lakes. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Em loved her worm. She would carry it around everywhere. She was happy as long as she had her worm with her!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Em was following Jas down to the fishing hole. He was singing marching cadences and she was copying him. We took a walk along the Falls River and saw the confluence of the Bechler and Falls rivers.

Emily was hanging out with grandpa on the hike. Janet and Teri are laughing at Em taking a bath in a bucket in camp. She thought it felt so good she didn't want to get out so we kept her warm with her towel. We heated up the water so it was nice and warm.