Friday, July 8, 2011

Antelope Island

We finally went to Antelope Island. It's been on my list of places to go for a while!! I've lived here my entire life and I've never been!!! We went out there a few weeks ago just for the day and explored. We went to the visitor center, then drove around to the different beaches to check things out. We went down to the ranch and looked around. They had some old barns, equipment, and some pioneer era houses to look at. Em and Jas tried their hand at roping some stationary animals!!! Trust me, that is a lot harder then it looks!!!

Here is Em near the ranch with a view of the Wasatch mountains in the background. That was my favorite part, the view! At one overlook you could see the Wasatch, Oquirrh, and Stansbury Mountain ranges in the distance. It's strange to be on the island looking east at the mountains. I'm so used to being near the mountains looking at the island in the distance. We definately want to go back and do some hiking, but not in June when those dang biting gnats were out!!! And we think it would be fun to camp there, but not in the heat of the summer, there's not much shade there!! We saw buffalo, a fox, a pronghorn antelope and some birds. I love an adventure and it is nice to get out and see something new! It's nice to go for the day too, a lot less packing is involved!! You felt like you were in kind of a remote place but yet it's not that far to get there!!

Building and growing a garden

Jason built us a box garden and Em helped him! I've been wanting to grow a garden for a couple of years but with Jas being gone and with all the remodeling we've had going on we haven't been able to even think about a garden. This year we decided to do a raised box garden, hoping the dogs would stay out of it!! Also, I wanted something more manageable. The last time we did a garden it was huge and I would spend hours weeding it. Who has time for that!!! I can barely keep up as it is!!! Plus the soil was really rocky and crappy. Now we have good soil and good drainage. So, hopefully it will provide us with some yummy vegies!! I even did squash, even though I don't love it, Em does!! Most of it is growing well!! So I'm excited. And the best part is all 3 of us did it together and we haven't seen one weed so far!!!