Friday, May 20, 2011


Emily's favorite thing to do in the world is probably swing on the swingset!! She can be pushed for at least a half an hour straight without complaining!!!! The grass that this swing set is on is newly planted, it used to be the dirt mountain we had from doing the foundation. Behind these two you can see the unfinished garage!!

Me and Em, right after I got home from work one night. We have some gorgeous tulips. We have red, yellow, orange and a few pink ones!! Since Jason's mom was from Holland we planted a bunch of them when we moved in. They remind us of Lidy and spring!! Behind us is a section of the yard we've been working on. We have another small dirt hill, which is mostly gone now. I'm making it into a raised flower bed. To the left in this picture behind us is our "grave". We have had it covered with huge boards so no kids fall in. We got all the boards moved and filled up the truck with dirt (from the foundation dirt on the side of our house) and filled in most of the hole, there's about 2 feet left!! So we are making progress around here! At least the tulips give us a nice backdrop to our projects!!

-Jas and Em with our dogs, Penny and Ranger. Penny is the black and brown one and Ranger is all black.

-Em loves to help mow our jungle! We've been getting so much rain it's hard to keep up on keeping the grass short! It sure looks nice and green this spring.

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