Thursday, December 16, 2010

The DeHart Christmas Party

-Em and Em opening their
presents! They were so excited.

-There's a lot of kids now!!
It's always fun to catch up with our cousins at this party!! We've been having at the same rec hall since I was a kid!

-Emmy is terrified of Santa!!
She kept covering her eyes and didn't even dare look at him until he asked, "Can we just be friends?" Then she looked at him and said, "Well..." He gave her a candy cane and then she went right back to covering her eyes!! It was so cute.

We got so much snow!!

We got so much snow those first couple of storms!!! Em thought it was great to dig in the snow!! We could barely see Jason's car under all the snow!!

Thanksgiving dinner

-Jason, Em and Becky on Thanksgiving, prepared with our Dallas jersey's on. Jason's favorite thing about Thanksgiving?? Dallas is always playing that day!!
-Stanley, Ray, and Jas
-Em eating dinner
-Sonya, Will and Ray
We had a great meal and had fun just hanging out by the fire, looking at ads and playing games. And of course, the guys watched football.

-Ray, Jas, and Uncle Augie