Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wheeler Farm

Emily, Kevin and Trevor at Wheeler Farm. They had a blast seeing the animals, climbing on everything and we had a picnic. I love warm March days when we can go do things like this!

Monday, March 8, 2010


We went to the autorama Fri. Em loved looking at all the bikes and cars. Em was looking for "Doc Hudson" (from Cars) the whole time. She was so excited to see Doc. We took a picture of the most beautiful lavender hot rod!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our garage remodel

#1- the garage from the back
#2- where my dad is walking is where the room will be and you can see the trusses coming up the side where it will connect with the room
#3-the view from below, inside the garage
#4- Penny up on the scaffolding with Em

Abe's mission farewell

Becky, Abe, Grandma DeHart and Emily at Abe's farewell. We will miss him but he will be a great missionary!!!!
Now that he's gone who's going to stay up til 3 in the morning with me around the fire?? Cody??


They just ate brownies, we really don't let them all have dirty faces all of the time!!! Ha ha!!

Abe's farewell dinner

#1 My parents are holding Annie's baby, Elsie, and Chandy's baby, Olivia. They are the newest additions to our family and only 2 weeks apart.
#2 Christy and Trevor
#3 Becky, Abe and grandpa
#4 Uncle Shane and Uncle Taber
We had a family dinner at Aunt Robyn's rec hall to say good bye to Abe. He left for the MTC at the end of Feb. then he's off to Sydney Austrailia!

Abe's farewell dinner

-Christy and Trevor
-My parents holding Annie and Chandy's new babies, they are about 2 weeks apart. My dad has Elsie and my mom has Olivia
-Me, Abe and grandpa sitting on the couch

Uncle Shane and Uncle Taber
Little Trevor crawling on anything he can find to crawl on!!

Farewell dinner for Abe

Annie and Shawn
(Pink dress) Ayda (Annie's daughter)
(red shirt) Chandy
Carley, new baby Olivia (Chandy's), Taya, and Celeste

Tammy and Christy