Saturday, April 28, 2012

 We has our annual family Easter picnic today. It was so good to see everyone and catch up. This was Lily's first time meeting most of the extended family and she got held the whole time! Our family is very happy when there is a baby around!! And Lily is the first baby in a year and a half!
-Top=grandpa DeHart and all of his 5 kisd with their spouses
-Middle=7 out of 15 of us cousins, from left to right= Chandie, Celeste, Emma, Molly, Buck, Christy, and Becky
-Bottom= a 4 generation picture with my grandpa, mom, me and Lily
My grandpa is 89 and it's so sweet of him to always help with the family meal. He loves seeing all the little kids and giving them all a dollar! I love how our family always has our set parties every year. We might not see each other that often but we are a close family and we are always there for each other!

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