Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Lily is almost a month old!! She is doing really well and is gaining weight almost daily. She's up to 4 lb. 4 oz. now!!
She has graduated from the incubator to an open crib. That's big, that means she can maintain her own body temperature now instead of the incubator keeping her warm. She still has a little bit of oxygen and a feeding tube but she is moving up to eating from a bottle 3 times a day. She is doing pretty well with it! She is so sweet and tiny. Even though she's over 4 lbs. now she still looks so "mini" as Em calls her! They have let us wheel her down to the glass doors 3 times so Em could see her sister
You can see how small she is next to Jason's hands and from the crib, she's wrapped up in the pink blanket. We can hold her for a little longer now, instead of 15 minutes a day, sometimes for an hour. That's one of the hardest things in this situation, the lack of contact with your baby. She still sleeps a lot but it's hard to be away from her so much. We are just grateful that she is doing so well, growing so quickly and learning to eat on her own! She really has made a ton of progress.


Sonya said...

AHHHH Bec an Jas yall make such pretty babies!! Shes beautiful!! I'm sooo glad that shes doing soo much better and shes progressing sooo fast!! I can't wait to hold her..and heck, even to get to see her in person!! I'm praying that she will get to come home real soon so yall can get some sort of "normal" back into your lives.

Megan said...

She is getting so big! Doesn't that sound crazy for such a tiny baby? She is so adorable though. I look forward to the day when I can meet your precious little Lily.