Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Halloween Party

We had a great turn out for our Halloween party. We had so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up. We had treats and games and songs and let the kids play. Our little group of friend is growing, everyone has 3-4 kids now (except us). They range in age from 7 down to 4 months old.
Group picture-Standing up= Julie holding Lainey, Melanie holding Annie, Christy holding Lucy, Bri,
sitting=Jeff holding Jane, Anna, Sophie, Sam, Dax, Toby and Clara.
Believe it or not there was at least 5 kids that weren't in the picture!!! I couldn't get them all in one spot long enough!!
By the couch= Ang holding Kyrie, Bri holding one of the twins, and Macy
We have this party with my best, longest group of friends!! It's so much fun getting together with their families!!!

My parent stopped by before the party to see Em in her costume. She kept switching costumes, for some parties she was the witch, for her school party she was a princess.

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Anonymous said...

That is so darling, Jason & Beck, what a great way to celebrate Halloween w/the little ones. It was cold, windy & rainy up here, so you guys definitely had a warmer party!! Congrats on the turnout & fun time for all!!!
Aunt Lolo