Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Farewell to grandma DeHart... after the funeral luncheon we all gave her smiles to remember us by. We will miss you grandma, we are all so grateful that we have this wonderful family, grandma left us a legacy of faith and family and we won't forget it! This is the cousins and their spouses.

Us DeHart cousins in our true form! Notice all the crooked eyes and tongues hanging out!!!

We are in order of age from left to right: Top row= Celeste, Chad, Becky, Chandy, Christy, Annie and Aaron
bottom row= Adam, Alex, Megan, Molly, Andrew, and Emma
(not pictured are Buck and Abe)
I love my cousins!! I'm so glad they could all make it to the funeral (except Abe, we all know he has a good excuse, grandma would be so proud of him).

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janice said...

Darling picture of you all. That will be fun to have.